Sunday, February 17, 2013

On Call Traveler

Over the last seven years I've become accustomed to frequent and last minute travel.  I've had more than several month long trips come up with 48-72 hours notice.  In fact I keep my passport at the office, as you never know when you'll need to apply for a visa.

With the new year I was promoted to take on the role of Development Innovations Specialists, working on developing new programs globally rather than managing one region within Africa.  While my overall travel time may likely not significantly increase, the uncertainty of my travel plans feels much higher.

I've averaged traveling for about a third of the year for the past several, after a big travel year when I was on the road for three quarters of the year.  Just as I'm becoming accustomed to a slightly more settled lifestyle, the uncertainty takes on an increase.

While only enjoying two weeks in Oregon for vacation since the new year, I've been on stand by for possible  travel to various locations in Africa, the Middle East and the South Pacific.  It is both exciting and a bit unnerving.  I love the travel, but I also know the disruption it often causes on my home life and the responsibilities that continue to grow.

Folks are often asking where I'm headed to next, and the answer most of the time is uncertainty.  If I could have a crystal ball to look back from the end of the year and see where I will travel that would be divine.  Last year I traveled to Kenya, Somalia, Somaliland, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, United Kingdom, and Turkey, plus five trips to the west coast.  Though a somewhat heavy schedule for some, this could have been predicted pretty easily from the onset.  We'll see where the year takes me!

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